«Dimitri Grimm, reluctantly born 1980 in a tiny Swiss village, is a somewhat experimental recording artist and music producer mostly known for releasing and performing music under the most footlose of his guises, Dimlite. His instrument is the vast universe a computer can offer, in conjunction with Pianos, guitars, synthesizers, voice, drums and about anything a cheap microphone can capture. Quite passionate about attitude and twisting traditional means, he once demonstrated the making of one of his erratic drum beats by physically drumming on a drum machine (a picture of some flying ants). As Dimlite he’s released five albums and several EPs, working a broad variety of influences (such as contemporary electronica, hip hop, psychedelic rock, soul and ancient musique concrète) into a discrete perspective that over the course of the last 10 years has taken him across Europe and the States to play shows.

Since August 2013 he’s working on an album entitled «Cite» under his real name which will consist of the soundtracks to 9 written quotes (submitted by anyone willing to participate in such madness) (submission period ended in August 2014!), and see him venture deeper into freedom than any of his other alter egos have so far allowed. Fantastic.»