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«Gamut Sap» LP | Pre-order

Snails on stilts, it’s finally available. Official release date is the 17th of January. Until then it’s here for pre-ordering: Bandcamp. Patreon members will get download codes next week.

«Aonex» | Outtakes

The first outtake of the album I’m currently finishing. Perhaps it’s an odd thing to do*. Normally there are maybe 40 musics out of which only a selection makes the album. 9 tracks for this first one, the first of its kind (part of an […]

Recording «Neuna» for new album

In the style of vintage Dimlite / Misel Quitno. This is an intermediate version of «Neuna» from/for the debut album as Dim Grimm. That album will contain nine pieces secretly dedicated to nine specific persons – some from the past (like this one here), and […]

S’zeigtübercho Suite (free)

End of the year present. The S’zeigtübercho Suite, minimalist single-take sketches from the awful autumn two years ago, strung together to form one long track. This is from when Cite had been finished and mixed, but decidedly wasn’t any good, and then strange things started […]

A live set called «Wapp Odom Gyrations»

Wapp Odom Gyrations is a new, one hour-long piece of electronic music by Dim Grimm (ex Dimlite) – a rhythmic, harmonic and tonal excursion. It exists only as a show, a ‘live album’ of sorts. It’s been performed 4 times so far: in Vienna, Linz, […]


Mixed and collage’d UFO‘s third album, III. UFO = a trio, strictly fixed on improvisation. The album is pieced together from works (by 6 different people) created from long impro session recordings (feat. guest musicians Fred Frith, Jannik Giger, Raphael Rossé, Martin Wyss and Adrien […]