Untitled Spring EP

… instead, winter has come back. See this picture of a mighty trout of the air as it waits for the snow to stop.


The record can now be had anyway. Perhaps the last one of the Dim Grimm line. And who knows, .. last night I dreamt of a very cute, small dog, rolled up next to me on my bed; and as I reach out to pet him, he lifts his head, looks at me and speaks: “you’ll soon die”. Concise dog. I don’t like it. I haven’t really lived yet. And I mean to put out a few more records as well, already finished ones, others that need to be finished, and things I haven’t been able to make yet. Thought I could change my name once more, .. make another debut album, ..

For now I’ve to make soup. Grroo to you.

It will be on the other platforms (Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify etc.) by next week likely.