Mix file 2 | Autumn

A second mix of music selected from the dimmy catalogue – Herbst-edition! Featuring Hugo Sonia, Dimlite, Dim Grimm and more. Tracklist and a download link are below the player.

(00:00:00) Dim Grimm: 20 Autumns ago (2022, unreleased)

(00:02:04) Dim Grimm: Reality dances for you (2020, Perlissop III EP)

(00:06:57) Dim Grimm: Sessiv (2019, Gamut Sap LP)

(00:10:16) Dim Grimm: Tribolium (2019, Gamut Sap | additional pieces)

(00:13:44) Dimitri Grimm: Inytsia (2014, Looms.site)

(00:17:35) Dimlite: José’s Views (2007, Dublab Echo Expansion EP)

(00:21:02) Dimlite: Cosmic Echoes in the Mockery Room (2006, This is Embracing LP)

(00:24:15) Dimlite: Quiz Tears (Instrumental) (2007, single)

(00:27:33) Dim Grimm: Ronrol II (2017, Perlissop II EP)

(00:32:24) TSE: Redä, het sie g’seyt (November version) (2006, Sloppy Future Manipulations EP)

(00:35:50) Hugo Sonia: Disposition (2013, Simulations Vol. 1 EP)

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