The unreleased 2015-album «Cite»

The 2015-album that never came out, in store here: Cite | iTunes etc. soon. Please read below for the brief story…

Cite was/is the volatile soundtrack to 9 written quotes.

These quotes were picked from about 200 submissions sent to me by strangers through the internet.

The project, meant to become the Dim Grimm-debut (after letting my teenage-moniker ‘Dimlite’ go to sleep), started in 2013. A dedicated website was installed.

Submitted statements had to be original and “true”. Ideally Aphorisms – ably wrapped insights.

Once the sentences started pouring in and work began, a feeling emerged that I had started something bad for me. And I wasn’t sure if I agreed with any of the messages sent in. Did I have to? Some sounded beautiful and clever, but I couldn’t imagine using them. Some positively triggered technical ideas, but didn’t have the right potential otherwise. Others were funny. Or sad. Nine had to be picked.

By summer 2015 the record was finished, but at that point I didn’t want to let anyone ever hear it. And over the following years made a bunch of other records instead (the three parts of the Perlissop-series, Gamut Sap, the live-only piece Wapp Odom Gyrations etc.).

It’s seven years later now; the bad feeling towards this album has ebbed, and well, here it is. For the sake of completeness, for anyone who had participated and for anyone who enjoys such a thing. I thank thee for playing and sending me all these quotes (there is a small booklet attached specifying which quote become which track). – Dum Grumm, 2021