Mix file 1 | Summer

A mix of music selected from the dimmy catalogue. The summery edition. There’s some Dimlite in there, some Dim Grimm and a little Misel Quitno. Also a few previously unreleased bits. Tracklist and a download link are below the player.

(00:00:00) Dim Grimm: Whelm (unreleased)

(00:01:00) Dim Grimm: Tinin (2019, Gamut Sap LP)

(00:05:05) Dim Grimm: Dois déménager à Paris (2014, unreleased)

(00:07:14) Dimlite: Hubris for Hubris (2013, Abscission LP)

(00:11:36) Dim Grimm: Umzug (2020, Wonne-Suite)

(00:14:47) Dim Grimm: Wind-up Coil (2015, Cite LP)

(00:19:39) Dim Grimm: On light Feet you carry the Substance of the Ages (2021, Untitled Summer EP)

(00:23:32) Dim Grimm: The Acquisition of magical Powers (2020, Perlissop III)

(00:25:04) Misel Quitno: A fancy Friendship (2007, Sleep Over Pieces LP)

(00:28:54) Dim Grimm: Helios on the Toilet (2017, unreleased)

(00:30:00) Dimlite: Kalimba Deathswamp / Kurt Feelingx (2010, Prismic Tops LP)

(00:34:29) Dim Grimm: Handolin (2019, Gamut Sap Oands LP)

(00:37:59) Dim Grimm: I ds Uou (2016, unreleased)

(00:39:05) Dim Grimm: Midinished (2017, Perlissop II)

(00:45:10) Misel Quitno: For Brother Jar Moff (2009, unreleased)

(00:49:42) Dimlite: Now Walk (2006, This is embracing LP)

(00:56:29) Dim Grimm: Auf (2015, S’zeigtübercho-Suite)

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